Most Common Health Conditions/Diseases

  • Diabetes

    Best case scenario, Type 1 and type 2 diabetics may be able to get life insurance at about 150% the cost of standard. To qualify for this rate you’d need to be at a healthy weight and have no other health conditions, i.e. high blood pressure. Coverage is available from many different insurers.

  • Cancer

    Survival rates of certain kinds of cancers have come leaps and bounds in recent years. Because of this coverage is often available at affordable premiums.

    As a rule of thumb, if you’ve had non-metastatic cancer only once and have been cancer free for 3 or more years, you should be insurable. The premium will likely be about 150% of standard. Canada Protection Plan will likely provide the best value for money for cancer survivors.

    If you’ve had metastatic cancer, more than one occurrence cancer or are not yet at that 3 year mark, you will be harder to insure but may still be insurable.

  • High blood pressure

    If you have high blood pressure that has been under control for 2 or more years, you may be eligible for standard rates if you are at a healthy weight and have no other health issues. Taking high blood pressure meds such as Lipitor will not necessarily preclude you from standard rates. Many insurers will cover people with HBP at standard rates.

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