From the employer’s point of view 

Why offer group benefits?

Employees expect to have a benefits package offered by their employers. To attract and retain the best employees, employers need to offer a competitive benefits plan.

Why work with us:

We have a dedicated group benefits specialist who does only group benefits. We have realized that one cannot be an expert in both individual and group insurance.

On plan implementation

It’s very important to work with a broker who works with multiple insurers. The quality and cost varies widely between carriers. When looking for a new plan, do not settle on a decision before viewing options from at least two carriers. The carriers will bid for your business.

At renewal

Every year (or sometimes after 16 months for the first year) the plan will be up for renewal. The insurer will analyze money in and money out. If they see a trend where they are consistently losing money, they will increase the premium. If you see a significant premium increase, make sure your broker markets the plan – shops it around. We always do this for our clients.

Ongoing service

We have the resources to provide ongoing service. Our business is built on good customer service and grows because of it.

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