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Manulife Vitality is a term life insurance product offered by Manulife. It has all the standard features of a regular term life policy plus rewards tied to healthy living.

By tracking exercise (even standing hours) the insured gets rewards: discounted life insurance premiums, Amazon gift cards, Apple watch financing and even discounted nights at

To be frank, the idea is that healthier people don’t die as often so the insurer pays out less in claims. The insurer in incented to reward healthy people. It’s a win-win this way.


If you are active and willing to track your activities by smart watch you will be rewarded. I am personally in the Manulife Vitality program and get my Apple Watch financed and get two half price nights every year at In 2018 we went to Harrison Hot Springs and in 2019 Kelowna. The value of the rewards adds up.

Is this a good plan for you? If you are active and like the idea of working towards goals yes; this does not mean running marathons but rather just not sedentary. In my experience the program also works best if you have an I phone and can get the Apple Watch. If you are not active or don’t like the idea of reporting all your activities to a third party, then no it is probably not for you.


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