Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance

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For many, finding the right life insurance policy can be a task, especially when the subject matter is difficult to comprehend. While trying to find out more information about life insurance, you may have a ton of questions about the coverage offered and the role of a financial advisor. Unfortunately, finding answers to these questions may be difficult to come by. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared and are armed with the most accurate information, Camlife Financial Corp has answered four of the most frequently asked questions about life insurance. 

1. Do I need life insurance?
If anyone you care about would be financially worse off if you die, then yes, you need life insurance. If not, then no, you do not need life insurance.

2. How much does life insurance cost?
It depends on age, gender, and health. For example, a thirty-five-year-old non-smoking, healthy woman could get a $500K policy starting at $20 per month. It’s cheaper than most people expect.

3. Why work with an independent insurance broker?
As an independent broker, Camlife Financial Corp can place your business with many different insurers, ensuring you get the best policy. We work like a mortgage broker this way and are paid by the insurer.

4. Do I need disability insurance?
If you are not covered by your employer and would struggle to pay your bills if you could not work now, then yes, you need disability insurance.

If you have any more questions about life insurance, get in touch with the professionals at Camlife Financial Corp. As experienced life insurance brokers in Vancouver, BC, we help families and businesses with their financial planning, insurance, and investment needs. 

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