Frequently Asked Questions About Our Life And Health Insurance Policies

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Health Insurance Vancouver

When it comes to insurance policies, people often have a lot of questions, not only about the plan features but also about the company offering the insurance products. They want reputed insurance agents that provide services based on their needs and are concerned about their future, instead of money-driven agents. 

As customer-centric insurance brokers, at Camlife Financial Corp, we want to clear all your doubts and arm you with the most accurate information by answering four of the most frequently asked questions about our life and health insurance policies. 

1. How do I know you are working in the best interest of the client?
You can check our online reviews to know what others are saying. 

2. Will the insurance payout if there is a claim?
More than ninety-percent of privately owned, fully underwritten policies payout. This does not apply to mortgage insurance or policies with only four or five questions. If the application is thorough and you are honest, you have nothing to worry about.

3. How do you get paid?
The insurance company pays us a commission. The client does not pay the broker directly. An independent broker who works with several companies will receive the same or very nearly the same compensation from each insurer.

4. Can I cancel my policy?
Yes, you can cancel a life or health insurance policy at any time without a penalty.

If you have any more questions about our life and health insurance policies, get in touch with the professionals at Camlife Financial Corp. As leading life insurance brokers in Vancouver, BC, we offer various life insurance services including term life insurance, creditor (Mortgage) insurance, permanent life insurance, life insurance for new immigrants, non-medical life insurance, and so on. We also provide living benefits insurance and employee benefit plans.

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